Traveling Europe // The Top of Europe

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Early the next morning, the group and I made our way down to the train station where we eagerly boarded our first train that would take us to the top of one of Switzerland's highest peaks - the Jungfrau, also known as "The Top of Europe". The cog railway to the top of the Jungfrau winds in and out of the mountainside for at least an hour, with views that take your breath away. It was easily one of my most memorable European experiences.

Once to the top, we made our way outside to take in our surroundings. The Jungfrau stands almost fourteen thousand feet above sea level and is always covered with snow and ice. On one side the view looks down at the clouds and the town below, on the other, an expansive glacier. I could have sat and enjoyed these views for hours, but the visitor center offers many activities and I wasn't going to miss out.

After getting our fill of pictures, my friend and I made our way back inside and up to the Lindt chocolate factory. I spent far too much money on chocolate, but it was Switzerland and I was buying most of it for my family... So I didn't feel too guilty. After the chocolate factory we took the elevator below the earth for the ice caves which quickly became my favorite part. In the ice caves you're greeted with a giant snow globe that plays music, changes color, and has all sorts of moving parts. It felt like a something you'd find in Disneyland. Next we made our way down the long ice tunnel and into the caves themselves. Here there were dozens of ice sculptures and even an ice encased Scrat from the movie "Ice Age". I was completely entranced by the smooth walls and intricate carvings and once again, found a spot I could have stayed all day.

When our time was up, we once again boarded the cog railway and made our way back down to the base of the mountain. Even if the experience was a short one, it was completely worth it and I'd go back in a heartbeat!