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A way for me to collect moments—to share bits and pieces of the day to day that would otherwise be lost in history. I believe that life should be lived to the fullest because each moment is precious and all too fleeting.

As a Professional Blogger and self proclaimed Adventurer, I can't help but live a creative lifestyle. I don't like to limit myself to one area of expertise, but prefer to try my hand at many things. I love to travel and experience life in different places, which explains the times where I've lived outside of my home state of Utah. 

While "Gentri Lee" covers many areas, I found that I was still lacking in a space to share my beliefs. So in the Spring of 2015 I launched my newest and dearest project—The Foundation Magazine. Foundation is an online magazine dedicated to helping it's readers reach their full potential. We believe that a happy life is one of balance and to get there, we need to make sure that our cornerstones are solid. Foundation focuses on those cornerstones—Spiritual, Physical, Nutritional, Mental, Social, and Creative—to help build the foundations of all who visit.

Not enough? Here are some random facts about me...

  • I am from Northern Utah but have also lived in Southern Utah, Florida, Alaska, California (barely), Australia, and Maryland/ DC

  • I am a makeup artist, stylist, and master aesthetician

  • I love almost anything vintage

  • I also collect postcards (specifically the ones with a vintage tourism art)

  • I've been to 13 countries and am constantly working on seeing more

  • I am a mountain girl at heart

  • I love long drives and road trips, but I hate flying

  • If I could walk everywhere, I would

  • My favorite colors are deep forest green, white, black, yellow, and blush

  • I think wildflowers are the prettiest flowers

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