Traveling Europe // A Day In Paris

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My last stop in Europe was in Paris, France. I was worried that Paris wouldn't live up to the hype, that I would be disappointed and leave on a low note... However, that was not the case, at all! Paris is just as amazing as people make it sound. It's stunning, exciting, and full of iconic corners I had only ever seen in movies.

I spent the day with a few friends from my tour group, and we decided to take things slow. This meant that I wasn't able to see all of those iconic corners, but I feel that I was able to experience Paris how it's meant to be experienced. We spent our morning walking along the Champs Élysées and stocking up on macarons from Ladurée and souvenirs. Then we spent our afternoon eating crepes on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower and taking as many photos and snap chats as we could stand. We finished our day off with a tuktuk ride over to the art district where we were able to grab some flower gelato from Amorino. All throughout the day, I was soaking in the scenery, the local life, and using all five of my senses to lock in the memory of Paris.

I thought my day in Paris was as magical as they come. Little did I know, that Paris at night is even better!

To be continued...