Best Travel-Sized Beauty Products

This post is sponsored by Good Medicine Beauty Lab, all opinions are my own @goodmedicinebeautylab

I am pretty protective of my skin and am always making sure that the products I put on it are the best for it, especially when I'm traveling! Travel can put a lot of stress on your skin - new environments, new foods, emotional stress, etc. - so it's important to keep up with your daily skincare routine even when you're not home. I can tell you from experience that your skin will thank you. Having a good skincare routine will allow your skin to keep up with whatever it is you've got planned.

Because I know how important a good travel skincare regimen is, I always make sure I have a full stock of Good Medicine Beauty Lab's travel sized products, on hand. Their products are like a breath of fresh air! When I'm tired, dirty, and need to step away from the hustle and bustle of my trip, I know my skincare products are there to help me feel refreshed! A good face washing can make all the difference when traveling. The familiar and sweet smell of the Rain Oil Cleanser, the revitalizing sensation of the Starry Eyes Brightening Eye Cream, and the replenishing feeling of the Clarity Awakening Face Cream (my favorite beauty product of all time) help me feel like me again, and ready for whatever the step of my journey holds.

products c/o good medicine beauty lab

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