With Love From Mexico // Pt. 3

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On our third day in Mexico, we were able to go back to the first village we had visited, so that the Color by Amber Stylists could meet those Artisans, as well. I loved coming back here and seeing these Artisans who were so friendly and welcoming. They greeted us with smiles and their little girl, whom we all love dearly, was there with hugs and fist bumps.

I spent this day photographing the experience. From the Stylists learning to weave to capturing the details around their workshop. I also took the chance to wander their little city a couple times and take in the surroundings. It's such a gorgeous village, tucked between the mountains with a big white church in the center.

The day passed quickly and ended with gifts for the Artisans and group photos. But before we left, we were able to visit their family's shop and purchase some of their handmade goods. I didn't buy anything for myself, but did purchase a couple of adorable purses for my nieces - which they still love to this day.