Finding the Best Career For Your Personality

I am not the type of person that knew exactly what I wanted to do after high school. Well, I did, but it was a very short term experience and while I am so glad I did it, it wasn't the end goal for me. As I grew older, I went back and forth a lot on what exactly I wanted to do. I came to realized that I needed a job that I could control. I needed to have variety, freedom, creative liberties, and it needed to teach me new things. While I studied Aesthetics, and have worked in that field for almost five years, I also try to give myself a lot of different opportunities and work experiences. Enter the Good&Co. App.

I recently discovered this app that is so helpful in networking, helping you discover your individual strengths, and helping you find a career path that is suitable to you and your personality. If I had this ten years ago, I would probably have found my path much quicker. This groundbreaking career app is full of personality quizzes that point you in the right direction - career-wise - as well as allows you to make connections, within the app itself, with potential colleagues!

While using the Good&Co. App, I was able to discover my own personality traits of being a maverick, idealist, and humanitarian, as well as find out that my personality is compatible with the dolphin (I love that)! Now, if and when I ever switch jobs, I can login, update my profile, and start connecting with other, like-minded individuals. Or, I can use the app to connect with friends and loved ones and compare our FitScores to see how compatible we all are!

Now that I am working on a career path that I love - one that allows me to work at home, be independent, and go for hikes in the middle of the day (can you say "workplace happiness"?) - I am happier and more at peace. The Good&Co. App helped me confirm that I am indeed, on the right career path for my own personality and strengths.

Be sure to download the Good&Co. App and begin taking their personality quizzes! Not only are they entertaining, but they're a great way to get to know yourself and find your own work-path.