This Jacket Was Literally Made For Me

This post is sponsored by Sumissura - all opinions are my own @sumissura

Summer is my favorite time of year for so many reasons, including Summer thunderstorms! Last night I sat on the porch as a storm rolled through, taking in the smell, the sight, and the sound. Before the storm, yesterday's temperature was around one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, but during the storm it dropped to sixty! It's days like this that I pull out my favorite trench coat to keep me warm and dry - yet still looking nice.

This trench coat was made to fit me perfectly by a made-to-fit women's clothing company called Sumissura. Since I am a petite girl, standing at just four feet and eight inches, you can imagine that finding coats that fit can be a challenge, so I was extremely excited to give Sumissura a try. This coat turned out beautifully, and every detail is perfection from the supple fabric, to the sturdy construction. I've never had a coat fit me like this before and I must say, I don't think I'll ever go back to purchasing them mass-produced - this fit is just too good! From the just-right sleeves to the perfectly-fit shoulders, this coat was clearly made just for me.

Do you have trouble finding clothing that fits? If so, where are your favorite places to shop? Be sure to give Sumissura a try - you'll love having clothing that actually fits for a change!

trench - c/o sumissura
top - hope ave
jeans - jcrew
shoes - nordstrom
necklaces - the land of salt & made by mary