5 Ways To Make Your Own Picture-Perfect Adventure

I get people asking me all the time how I go on so many adventures. The truth is that most of them take place less than an hour from where I live, I just put more thought into making each day feel like an adventure! From what I am wearing to the items I bring with me, there are certain steps I take to make sure that I'm not only having fun but also creating a beautiful memory that is photo-worthy. Here are five ways that I make each adventure picture-perfect...

Step 1 - Pick The Perfect Snack
I love My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream and think it is such a fun, unique, and delicious snack for any Summer activity! It's cool and refreshing, sweet, and easy to pack! Simply pack it in a cooler with ice and you've got a refreshing, fun Mochi snack for you and your friends. Plus, it's such a cute and on-trend treat, you're going to love what it adds to your photos. You can find My/Mo Mochi at a store near you with this store locator.

Step 2 - Invite Your Friends
Since you're going to be taking photos, be sure to let your friends know! That way they have the option to dress up, come as they are, or opt out of the photos all together. But almost everyone appreciates a little heads up when pictures are involved!

Step 3 - Pack The Essentials
You're going to need a few items to make your adventure picture-perfect, so be sure to keep these items on hand! You'll want a cute blanket or circle towel, a hat that can match any outfit, a unique lunch box or vintage picnic basket, and your favorite jewelry to add just a little bit of interest to your photos.

Step 4 - Pick The Perfect Location
Whether it's by a mountain stream or in your own backyard, put some purpose behind your location choice. Think about how it's going to photograph, if it's going to be crowded, and also what type of look you are going for. I am always a fan of the mountains, so for these particular photos, I chose a beautiful boardwalk with a stream in the foreground and a cabin in the background.

Going on an adventure doesn't have to be hard or expensive, like I said above, most of mine take place in my own hometown! You just have to be willing to find what other's won't and create something other's don't. And don't forget the My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream!