Travel Tip // Splitting The Bill


Having traveled with friends, family, and total strangers I can tell you that I've learned a thing or two about creating a harmonious environment for me and my fellow travelers. One of the biggest complications can be that of splitting the bills. There are always times, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, that a bill must be split between you and your travel companions. So here are some tips to making your next bill-split go as smoothly as possible.

Tip 1: First of all, you're going to need the app Square Cash. It is a serious lifesaver and keeps things simple and between you and your travel companions. Most money apps allow your transactions to be seen by all of your Facebook friends, but Square Cash keeps them private and secure. My other favorite part about Square Cash is that you don't have to have an account to receive money! You can send it directly to anyone with the touch of a button. The design of the app is minimal and sophisticated, so things are simple and easy to navigate. It also offers instant deposits into your bank account so that you can keep on traveling with no setbacks!

Tip 2: The little things add up, so be sure to keep track of any small transactions or to make it clear between you and your travel companions that you've got each other's backs when making those small purchases. Often I will just tell my friends it's no big deal when I spot them, because I know there will be another time down the road where they'll spot me.

Tip 3: If you and your travel companions decide to pay each other back for the little things, be sure to take care of those transactions right away using your Square Cash app. That way, you won't have to keep track and ask later. I know from experience that this can make things incredibly awkward.

Tip 4: Split the responsibilities when it comes to larger purchases. Since money will be coming and going from all of your accounts quite frequently, it's only fair to take turns making the larger purchases. As soon as they're made, divide the cost between you and take care of the repayment with the Square Cash app. That way, no one feels like their bank account is taking the brunt of the trip.

Tip 5: Be sure to include any purchase details in your Square Cash invoices. That way, you and your travel companions will be able to stay financially organized throughout your journey. I've definitely come home from trips wondering if I've missed paying or receiving payment for anything. Since I'm always much closer with those I travel with by the end of the trip, I usually just let the little things fly. But it's still nice to have all of your ducks in a row, just in case.

If you're heading out on a trip, out to dinner, or just do a lot of transactions with your mobile phone, but sure to download the Square Cash app, today! It's the new, mature way to send and receive money that will always have your back.

Do you have any other splitting the bill tips? #SquareCash