Sensible, Practical, Comfortable

I'm always amazed at my changing mindset. Things that were once so important to me, like throwing parties, staying up with the latest radio hits, and wearing on-trend, unique, and colorful outfits, just don't matter to me anymore (although I still love to plan a good party, I just don't want to participate). These days, I'm all about comfort, especially when it comes to clothing. If I can't lounge in an outfit, I don't want to wear it.

While it's easy to call this "laziness" (which it likely is), I like to think that it's just maturity. That along with my age, my look has grown up, too. I love a good staple piece that I can pair with anything, I have about six of my favorite black t-shirt, and my shoe collection has changed from a rainbow of high heels to sensible shoes I can wear all day long.

sweater - olive clothing co
jeans - eddie bauer
shoes - avarcas usa
necklace - souvenir

This outfit is the perfect look for mature-Gentri. It's practical, classic, and incredibly comfortable! I shop at places like Eddie Bauer... These are things my 18-year old self would have never believed...