Principles of Peace

I always look forward to this time of year - the changing of winter into spring restores my energy, hope, and motivation to better myself and grow, everyday. With Easter quickly approaching, my mind has been dwelling on specific things that I can do to improve myself using these EIGHT PRINCIPLES OF PEACE. Some of the specific things I'm trying to work on are faith, gratitude, prayer, and hope. But sometimes, it can feel like there's just so much work to do in order to improve that it becomes overwhelming. This is when I like to take a step back, observe those around me, and learn from their strengths and talents.

My family has always been the greatest example to me of those Christlike qualities that I'm trying to emulate. Each of them brings an important element to our family that helps us remain strong and tightly knit. With compassion, forgiveness, prayer, repentance, and faith at the center of our family unit, we are able to lean on each other when we feel weak and hold each other up when we feel strong. It's this harmonious balance (which isn't always so harmonious) and the practice of these principles of peace that allow us to draw closer to each other and The Prince of Peace, himself.

Throughout my life, my father has been the greatest example of compassion - I don't know anyone more service oriented than him. My mother's prayers are powerful and protect me and my family. My older sister, whose life is in a constant state of change, is an incredible example of hope and that with it, anything can be overcome. My younger sister, who often finds herself in difficult situations, seems to have a gift of forgiveness which allows her to let go of any resentment she might feel. My brother in law has a gift and a love for constant learning and teaching, especially through scripture. My nieces and nephews demonstrate the most pure and powerful faith - the kind that inspires real change. And last, but not least, my grandma has always been an example of gratitude for all things big and small.

My family is by no means perfect. Even though they love me the most, I often find myself asking them for forgiveness for something I've said or done. It's easy to be the harshest on the people we love the most... But I'm working on it. Their ability to forgive me time and time again is the greatest example of Christlike love that I know in this life, and I feel blessed to know them, and grateful that we get to be together for eternity.

This Easter season, lets all try to focus on improving one of these EIGHT PRINCIPLES OF PEACE in order to find peace within our own lives. Whether it's finding personal peace, or peace within a relationship (which could include family, friends, colleagues, or other acquaintances).

What are some ways you're inviting the #PrinceofPeace into your own life?