Drink More Water // 5 Tips to Keep You On Track

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I am constantly working on ways to remind myself to drink more water. I, as I'm sure most of you, always struggle with keeping up with or even making the time to get enough water, each day. Luckily, I've come up with five fool-proof tips to keep mine and your goals on track! I know it can be daunting, so just take one day at a time and soon, you'll be drinking enough water without having to think much about it! It'll be as easy as breathing.

This Contigo AUTOSEAL® Chill Bottle, which I found in the housewares section at Target, is perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. Water always tastes better when it's cold and this bottle's Thermalock™ Vacuum Insulation keeps it that way for up to twenty-eight hours! And bonus, it's AUTOSEAL® technology keeps the water inside with no worries about spills (as long as I don't accidentally depress the AUTOSEAL® button... whoops). I love that it comes in this gorgeous matte black with iced aqua accents (which is a Target exclusive color, btw!), that it has a carry-on handle for easy travel, and a spout cover to keep it clean and safe to drink from. All of the Contigo AUTOSEAL® Chill Bottle's accessories makes it the perfect accessory for my daily life.

Tip 1 - Stock up on some Contigo AUTOSEAL® Chill Bottle
With the Contigo Chill Bottle you have the perfect way to take water with you, wherever you go! It's an easy way to keep track since once it's empty, you know it's also time for a refill.

Tip 2 - Use a Water Tracking App
Technology is here to help us out, once again! There are many apps out there that you can download to your phone to help you with your water intake. They calculate how much water you should be drinking and remind you whenever it's time to take a swig. I've heard good things about this water tracking app!

Tip 3 - Naturally Flavor Your Water
As you know, I'm all about being healthy the natural way. Rather than buying juices and sports drinks which are just packed with sugar and who knows what, infuse your water with some raw fruits or tea! There are a lot of teas (like passionfruit) which taste amazing cold. But if you prefer fruit, it's easy to chop up some fruit and toss them into your water bottle for all-day flavor!

Tip 4 - Make it a Game
There are lots of fun ways you can remind yourself to take a drink of water. If you work in an office, take a gulp every time someone walks by your desk or clears their throat. If you wear bracelets, start with them all on one wrist and move them over to the other, one by one, each time you take a drink, then start over when they've all moved. The options are endless!

Tip 5 - Drink More Water
Wait... What? How is that a tip, you ask? Well, I've been doing this a long time and I can tell you from experience that the more water you drink the easier it is to drink even more! Whenever I find myself not drinking enough water, it takes a couple days for my body to adjust back to a higher water intake. But once it does, I can drink a ton of water without... well, needing to use the restroom every ten minutes... TMI?

Now get out there, grab yourself a Contigo AUTOSEAL® Chill Bottle, and start drinking more water! You will love seeing all of the amazing benefits that comes with it. (For me that means clearer skin, more energy, and less headaches!)

What tips do you have for drinking more water?