With Love From Mexico // Pt. 2

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Day two in Mexico was spent in the heart of the Chiapas mountains. On our way in, we stopped in a village to witness the celebration of one of their most sacred holidays. The fact that we were there on that day, during the celebration was pure luck. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures, but trust me - it was beautiful. The town was covered in flags and flowers, their church was full of worshipers and incense, and everyone was dressed in their festival best.

The rest of our day was spent in a small village, high on top of the mountains. It was quiet, and clear that they weren't used to visitors. The Artisans were so beautiful with their braids and brightly colored clothing; even the buildings were all painted in different happy shades. Even though the Artisans were reserved and unsure, their children were the happiest, and very affectionate! We all loved getting multiple hugs throughout the day.

While the Color by Amber Stylists spent their day learning the art of weaving on a back loom, I spent some time wandering around with our guide, and my friends Ariel and Cassie, just taking in their quiet way of life. Before we left, we were able to gift our Artisans with food, blankets, and jewelry as a thank you for letting us visit. I loved watching their faces light up as they stacked on the bracelets to create their own Color by Amber arm parties!