How I'll Be Spending My Summer

I have wanted a cute bike for many years; but for whatever reason, I could never get myself to buy one. I think I was afraid that I would waste the investment by never using it. But this year, I found the perfect bike at an incredibly affordable price and decided to just go for it! I have been loving riding my bike around, filling the basket with pretty flowers, and enjoying time outside in a way I haven't been able to in years. Plus, it has a cup holder and a slot for my phone!

My first bike ride was to Utah Lake with my friend Ariel. We took a lunch with us, enjoyed the views, and snapped a lot of pictures! She got a the same bike as I did, but in yellow, and now we have started our own little #bikesquad. This bike also comes in a couple different sizes, which is perfect for me, as I'm kid-bike-sized...

bike - walmart (also in 26" and yellow)
shirt - zara (similar and similar)
jeans - madewell
shoes - c/o sven clogs
water bottle - c/o corkcicle

Sadly, since my first big bike ride, the weather hasn't been so great. But this week's forecast looks nice and sunny, so you can bet that I'll be cruising!