With Love From Mexico // Pt. 1

This post has been a long-time coming. Over a year ago, I was able to travel with the company I work for - Color by Amber - to Chiapas, Mexico. You see, Color by Amber is a responsible jewelry company who works with and supports Artisans around the world, and throughout the year prior, the CBA saleswoman (aka Stylists) were able to earn a trip to visit these Artisans in Mexico. Since I had experience in photography, I was able to tag along and snap some pictures of the event. It was so fun and exciting to meet these women in Mexico, whom we all look up to. They're incredibly hard working, innovative, and have been able to use age-old traditions to support not only themselves, but also their families and communities.

On day one, myself, the CBA team, and my friends Ariel and Cassie - who would be our video team - flew down to Mexico. However, as soon as we made it to our connecting flight, they announced that it, along with many other flights, had been cancelled. After hours of stress and chaos, we were able to find room on a flight which was leaving the next morning, but by that point, all of the hotels had been sold out. After finding a restaurant that was open late (as it was nearing midnight), we grabbed some food, then settled into some of those oh-so comfortable airport chairs for a "good" night's rest...

The next morning we were up early (I say that loosely as we hardly slept) to catch our final flight, and a few hours later, we arrived in Chiapas! As a team, we took the day to go meet with some of the Artisans before the CBA Stylists arrived. It was such a special day and we loved having that time to quietly introduce ourselves, get to know them, and experience what life is like for these people in southern Mexico.

That night, we met up with our Stylists, had a nice dinner, and prepped for our next few days...
To be continued

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