Cape Otway Lighthouse // Road Tripping Australia Pt. 4

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On the last day of our road trip, we drove out to the Cape Otway Lighthouse. We started the day with some lunch at the cafe (I had a Thai Curry Pie and it was delicious!), then walked down the long path to the edge of the cliff, where the lighthouse stands. 

According to the map (pictured below), this appears to be one of the southernmost points in Australia, which is so amazing to think about! After climbing the lighthouse steps and walking out onto the bridge, I was in awe as I stood, looking out into the expanse of the Southern Ocean. It was hard for me to wrap my mind around just how far south I was standing on the globe.

After we thoroughly explored all that the lighthouse and its grounds have to offer, we drove over to the Maits Rainforest Walk. We even saw a few koalas, snoozing in the trees, along the way. Once inside the rainforest, I felt as though I had stepped back into prehistoric times. It's an entirely different world, inside the dense, vibrant vegetation.

After our walk, it was time to make our way back to our airbnb* for a rest, dinner, and our last trip to the beach before sunset, where we played in the waves for as long as we could. We then finished our evening by watching Crocodile Dundee. It was the perfect way to end the day and our road trip.

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