Cathedral Cove // New Zealand Pt. 1

When visiting Australia on a travel visa, you must leave the country at least every three months. So my sister and I decided that would be the perfect excuse to visit New Zealand! Neither of us had ever been, and this was her first trip without her family, since becoming a mom fifteen years ago.

Our original plan was to visit the South Island. But as it was nearing Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, we decided that the North Island would be the smarter choice, if we wanted to avoid the snow. And while we both hope to visit the South Island, soon, the North Island was absolutely magical!

We began our journey by staying on the North East side of the Island, in the tinniest cabin with the most incredible views! After having breakfast and chatting with our Airbnb hosts, we head off for our first stop—Cathedral Cove. If you have ever seen "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", you may recognize this as the spot where the children enter Narnia for the second time. (See the clip HERE, for a much better view of the area. I didn't take a ton of photos, as there was a large group of school kids visiting at the same time.) And just like in the movie, the location is absolutely breathtaking. It's quite a hike to reach the cove, from the parking lot. So be sure to wear comfortable shoes if you ever make the trip (which I did not do and paid for, dearly).

After taking in the cove for a bit, we hit the road towards Hobbiton! Along the way, I couldn't help but ask my sister to stop the car so we could snap some photos. This was just a taste of what New Zealand landscape has to offer, but definitely a great way to begin our adventure.

(See more photos from this location HERE)

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