How to Live Adventurously with Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt

This post is sponsored by Greek Gods but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Social media may make it seem like people are living these crazy adventurous lives, and while it may be the case for some, the truth is that my day to day probably looks a lot like yours. I’m usually working, lounging in my pj’s, binging netflix, or running errands. However, I do make an extra effort to add adventure and excitement to my life, whenever I can. Adding adventure to your life is easy. It’s all about your perspective. It doesn’t take traveling halfway across the world to have fun, it just takes a little effort and time.

Before setting out on any “trip”, I like to start my day out with a delicious and filling protein smoothie. So today, I thought I’d share my go-to recipe, with Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt, along with a few ways you can add some extra adventure to your own life!

Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt is seriously creamy and delicious, without the traditional tartness of other greek yogurts. It’s naturally sweetened with honey, and comes in a variety of flavors, so there’s sure to be something for everyone! Plus, it’s an excellent source of calcium and contains “live and active cultures”. You can find it at your local Walmart, in the yogurt and dairy aisle!


  • Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt

  • Almond Butter

  • Protein Powder (I prefer chocolate flavored)

  • Frozen Banana

  • Chia Seeds

  • Ice

  • Coconut Milk (or your favorite liquid for smoothie making)


In a blender, combine the above ingredients. I also like to add spinach, when I have it, for some added nutrients! For best results, stack the ingredients in this order—spinach, banana, almond butter, Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt, protein powder, ice, and add your liquids last. I usually do half coconut milk and half water. Blend until smooth and creamy, then top the smoothie off with chia seeds, stir them into the cup, and let them sit for a minute or two before drinking.

I hope this post inspired you to get outside your comfort zone a little, or plan your next adventure! Exciting lives come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t let a lack of travel keep you from living your best life!

Also, be sure to grab some Greek Gods® Greek-Style Yogurt from your local Walmart, and try it in your next morning smoothie, bowl of granola, or fruit plate!