Hydration in Action with V8 +HYDRATE™

This post is sponsored by V8®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We all know that the holidays are an exceptionally busy time of year. Despite all of the parties and plans, I still try to make time for some of my favorite activities—hiking, traveling, and exploring the world around me. This is the best way, that I know of, to combat any holiday or seasonal blues, to keep me moving, active, and feeling at peace. Another vital piece of combating any holiday blues, for me, is staying hydrated! This is something I have to consciously do, and new V8 +HYDRATE® really makes it easier!

V8 +HYDRATE is a plant-powered beverage with natural electrolytes from vegetables that comes in three, delicious flavors—Strawberry Cucumber, Coconut Watermelon, and Orange Grapefruit. It has a clean, crisp flavor with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners! V8 +HYDRATE is an isotonic drink that uses sweet potato juice to achieve superior hydration, and every 8 oz. can of V8 +HYDRATE provides one full serving of vegetables, and is only 45 calories!

I don’t like to carry a lot, whenever I am out exploring, but V8 +HYDRATE® is perfect to throw in my bag, and go! The can is recyclable, compact, and since V8 +HYDRATE isn’t carbonated, there’s no need to worry about it getting jostled during a hike. Plus, it’s the perfect companion to any adventure, as it’s a better-for-me choice that provides much-needed rehydration while also tasting amazing!

Where would you go with V8 +HYDRATE®?