Royal National Park, Australia

One of my favorite spots, that I was able to visit, in Australia, has to be Royal National Park! This cliffside reserve spans 30 km/18 miles along the Western coast, starting about an hour south of Sydney. Some of the highlights include Wedding Cake Rock (which I was able to visit, and is pictured, below), the figure 8 pools, and Eagle Head Rock. The trail is well maintained, making it an easy visit, for anyone! Just be sure to watch your step near the edge, as there are no guard rails…

As my family and I walked along the trail, we were able to watch as whales and dolphins played in the ocean, below! After a few hours spent exploring the park, we drove south to Wollongong where we were able to view and drive across the Sea Cliff Bridge, an item that had been on my Australia Bucket-list since I had arrived.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend making Royal National Park a part of your Australia itinerary. It would be a perfect way to spend your trip—walking a bit of the trail each day, staying in some Airbnb’s each night, and enjoying the spectacular views, all the while!

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