Sydney's Luna Park & Hornby Lighthouse

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On my second day exploring Sydney, with my friend Christine, we ventured out to Luna Park. This park is set across the harbor from the Sydney Opera House, giving you a perfect view of the downtown area and Harbor Bridge. Luna Park is the Coney Island of Sydney, and was so cute! Of course, we were feeling a little too cheap to ride any rides or play any games, but enjoyed our time walking through, and taking in the views. (We did eat lunch here, and it was awful... I recommend eating outside the park.)

Once we'd finished at Luna Park, we hopped on the ferry and rode it all the way out to Watsons Bay. This is one of the many small towns located in and around Sydney, and was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip! Here we made the trek around the coast to see Hornby Lighthouse*, which had been on my top three must-see list for Sydney, and it did not disappoint. The views from Hornby Lighthouse made it feel as though I wasn't even in the city, anymore. It was quiet and surrounded by towering coastal cliffs.

After giving ourselves enough time to take in the views, Christine and I made our way back to town, before it got too dark. While we waited for the ferry, we grabbed some snacks from the Fish & Chippery. I with my banana bread (such a popular item in Australia) and Christine with her ice cream cone. (I also had a watermelon and pineapple juice that really hit the spot! I'm determined to try and make one, myself, as soon as I get home to my juicer.)

Somehow, the day came to an end, all too soon. Both Christine and I were exhausted, so after our ferry ride back to Circular Quay, we went ahead and made our way back to the Airbnb. (While I don't recommend the Airbnb we stayed in, you can always receive a $20 Airbnb Credit towards your next trip, here -

*If you decide to visit Hornby Lighthouse, be aware that you do have to pass by a nudist beach! There are signs that warn you. So, just keep your eyes on the trail, and you'll be fine!