The Grand Tetons Road Trip Pt. 2

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After dinner, we grabbed our cameras and made our way to the lake to enjoy the soft evening light. As we drove around the mountains, a fox crossed our path. If you know me, you'll know that this was one of those magic moments. Foxes are my favorite animal and I was so excited to see one in the wild. It ran up the side of the road, stopped, and turned to watch us for a few seconds before disappearing into the trees.

As twilight drew near, we drove over to the damn to catch the last of the evening light. The soft pastels reflected on the water and we stood in awe at how still everything was. Most of the other tourists had already retreated to their campsites for the night, so there were very few people around, besides the three of us. We took as many pictures as we could before the light was gone, then made our way back to camp where we quickly fell asleep after a long, adventurous day.