The Perfect Linen Blouse

My everyday style is about comfort. I love looking put together, but if I'm not comfortable - forget it! This outfit has been a go-to for me the past few months because it's effortless and yet chic. I love the easiness of the sliders, the practicality of the backpack, and the crispness of the linen blouse.

This linen blouse is from Tradlands and I must say, there just isn't a shop out there that comes close to them in quality. Everything is made with great detail and care; even the buttons are perfection. They really take into account the fit every woman is looking for when creating their pieces, it's easy to see the minute your slip them on. I have been wearing this blouse on repeat because not only is it comfortable, but it feels as though it was made just for me.

top - c/o Tradlands

pants - Madewell

watch - my grandma's

shoes - Sam Edelman

backpack - borrowed from ariel

sunglasses - Ray Ban