Toquerville Falls, Utah

Before heading out on my big trip to Australia, I knew I needed to make time to visit my younger sister in Southern Utah. So a couple weekends before I left, I packed up the car and made the drive down. The weekend ended up being so much fun and I'm so glad I went!

Our first day was spent exploring Toquerville Falls, which is one of the prettiest waterfalls I've seen in Utah, so far. I wore my Tevas so I could walk through the water if needed and that ended up being one of the best decisions I made all weekend! The waterfall is shallow (on the first and second flat) so it's easy to walk through (although I'm sure it's much fuller in the Spring). The white water is striking against the red rocks, creating a landscape that takes the breath away.

Denim Jacket - ASOS Sweater - Posey & Pence

Leggings - Eddie Bauer Shoes - Tevas