Utah's National Parks—Capitol Reef

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After two days spent in Moab, Rachel and I made our way to central Utah, where we’d be visiting two places I had never been. First up was Goblin Valley. This state park is so interesting and beautiful. I think we both loved wandering through the formations and taking in the view. It’s such a unique landscape that is unlike anything I’d really seen, before. We also met some other travelers, who were so friendly! It was fun getting to hear about their journey and what had brought them there on that same day.

After Goblin Valley, we made our way down to Capitol Reef National Park. I was so excited to finally check all five of Utah’s National Parks off my bucket list, and soak in its beautiful scenery. Storm clouds moved in, as we entered the park, which offset the red rocks, nicely. However, desert country is known for flash flooding, so I did get a little nervous, especially as we drove through the Capitol Gorge spur road. It was stunning, of course, but I was slightly anxious to get out of there. After visiting a couple more sites, including the gooseneck and twin rocks, we called it a day, and made our way to the Airbnb.

While we didn’t get nearly as much time at either location as I would have liked, this was definitely one of my favorite days! I loved visiting these parks for the first time, and already know that another trip needs to happen in the near future.