What I'm Listening To On My 10 Hour Flight // Sudio Headphones Review

This post is sponsored by Sudio—all opinions are my own

Today I am boarding my plane to Australia, and am hoping I have enough activities to keep me occupied for the ten hour journey. As someone who doesn't like flying in the first place, you can imagine how much I dislike the long, international flights. But this time, I've got my Sudio Headphones to keep me company, as well as a long playlist and some podcasts!

Sudio is based in Sweden and got its name from the iconic Phil Collins hit, by the same name (which also happens to be a favorite of mine). The headphones are so comfortable and chic, I am actually looking forward to my flight so I can kick back and chill with some favorite tunes and movies.

If you're planning a long flight, soon, or just like having listening options available, then check out what I'm going to be listening to on my flight, below!

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headphones - c/o Sudio bandana - Madewell overalls - c/o Olive Ave sweater - Similar sunglasses - Ray Ban bracelets - Color by Amber shoes - Similar lipstick - Anthropologie (shade Poppy)

Of course, I am always looking for suggestions on things to help pass travel time. I usually like to bring something to color and something to read. But Let me know what you like to do on planes, to pass the time!