Southern California Road Trip Pt. 10 // Seven Magic Mountains

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After our day in Joshua Tree, Brandi and I made our way towards Las Vegas. (Very aware Las Vegas is in Nevada. But this was a California series, so I'm sticking with the post title!) Before heading into the city, I insisted on stopping at Seven Magic Mountains. I had never been, but had always wanted to, and these painted rocks did not disappoint! Stacked at least four boulders high, these neon rocks are a welcome splash of color in the middle of the Nevada desert.  

Next up was dinner at the Rainforest Cafe which always sucks me in with its novelty theme but always disappoints in its delivery of decent food. So to make up for our sub par meal, we hit up one of my all time favorite gelato shops - Amorino! This gelato is so delicious and reminds me of Paris anytime I can get my hands on it. 

The next morning we spent a couple hours exploring the DTLV Container Park as well as my favorite Las Vegas restaurant - EAT. I'm not the biggest fan of breakfast food, but I dream about these pancakes - that's how good they are!

We were able to make it home later that day, me to Salt Lake and Brandi to Idaho Falls, concluding our California road trip. We had so much fun - from Disneyland to Palm Springs to Joshua Tree to Vegas - and made some amazing memories!