5 Easy Steps Towards Conscious Living with Nature Box™

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All my life I have been a lover of our planet. From day one, it seems, I’ve been spending my life outdoors. I can’t get enough of the sweet smells, the breathtaking sights, and the peace I find when I’m in nature. There’s nothing to rival the feeling of sand between your toes or a crisp mountain breeze on your face. It’s this passion that has driven me to strive for a life of conscious living. One where I am mindful of the products I use and purchase. For example, one of my recent sustainable product finds is the new Nature Box™ Brand, brand, which I am loving!

Making changes in your own life can seem overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! I am going to share a few ways you can begin taking your own steps towards living a more conscious life. Just little ways to make a difference and start your journey in the sustainable direction…

Step 1 - Hair and Body Products

For me, the easiest place to start is with my personal hygiene products, and lately, I have been loving the new Nature Box™ products! Nature Box™ combines effective body and haircare with 100% cold pressed oils and sustainably-sourced ingredients. Their products are vegan, and many are created without ingredients such as sulfates, silicones, parabens, and artificial colorants. Additionally, the Nature Box™ packaging is created to be recyclable and to encourage that effort in its consumers.

Nature Box™ has five product lines that feature cold-pressed oils, extracted from the heart of fruits and nuts. Cold pressing means the natural oils are released using pressure, without excessive heat, and does not involve chemicals or hot processes. Nature Box™ products are made with 100% cold-pressed oil from coconuts, avocados, apricots, almonds, and macadamia nuts

I personally have been using the 100% Cold-Pressed Macadamia Oil line, which helps give frizzy and unmanageable hair a sleek and revitalized look! My natural hair is wavy and frizzy, so I need all the help I can get. Especially since I love to let my hair do its natural thing, whenever possible. It seems the more I let my hair run wild, while using Nature Box™ beauty products, the better it looks without any assistance from me.

Step 2 - Reusable Shopping Bags

This one is so simple and yet it can be so hard! We all know that plastic/disposable shopping bags are not a friend to the environment, but it can be hard to make the switch. I have been guilty (on multiple occasions) of forgetting my reusable shopping bags. What makes a difference for me, is purchasing some that I find attractive because I love how they look, I have a greater desire to use them! I also keep them in the same place where I keep my purse, so they’re easy to grab, as I head out the door.

Step 3 - Spend Time in Nature

We all know that the more time you spend with someone, the better you understand and grow to love them. It’s the same with the world around us! If we are making an effort to spend time outside, we will begin to feel a longing to be there. The more we are outside, the bigger our love for our planet will be and the more passion we will have for preserving it!

Step 4 - Shop At Thrift Stores 

The most eco-friendly form of shopping is thrifting! Rather than creating more demand for mass-produced clothing, check out the thrift store where you’re sure to find more unique items at a fraction of the price! This will, in turn, have a positive effect on your bank account, which is all a part of the conscious living process. If you can’t shop at thrift stores, strive to find brands that are vigilant about where their clothes come from.

Step 5 - Earth-Friendly Household Products

There are many brands out there, these days, that are producing earth-friendly, household products. From laundry detergent to dish detergent! Many of the mainstream brands you see are harmful to us and the world we live in. So shopping and using better products is not only safer for our bodies and the people who live in our homes, but also the planet—when the products are washed down the drain or sprayed into the air.

Be sure to unbox your naturally beautiful hair and skin with Nature Box™ on Amazon! From shine to anti-frizz, and dry to sensitive, they really have something for every hair and skin type.

I hope this post has helped you find some inspiration to begin your conscious living journey! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or if you try the new Nature Box™ products!