Visiting the Bridestowe Lavender Estate in Tasmania

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Starting off my Tasmania series with our stop at the Bridestowe Lavender Estate… This place is a little piece of heaven—with lavender covering the rolling hills, green mountains along the horizon, and the smell of lavender in the air! But of course, my favorite part was their lavender ice cream…

We visited the estate on a hot, sunny day, where a frozen treat was very welcome. The flavor was perfect—not too overpowering. We sat and enjoyed our snack in the shade while listening to some live, acoustic rock music. After consuming every last crumb and cleaning our sticky fingers, we wandered out into the lavender field. It felt almost magical, to wander aimlessly through the flowers. The aroma that filled the air, the minute we exited the car, was relaxing… I felt my tense mood from earlier shift to a more at ease position and we began to tell terrible jokes and laughed at them all.

I could have happily stayed, for hours on end, just meandering through the endless rows of lavender and breathing in that sweet aroma. But before I knew it, we were packing up the car and making our way towards our next stop… As we drove away, I watched the lavender fade in the rear view mirror and thought to myself “I would very much like another ice cream cone.”