California Road Trip Pt. 1 // Lake Tahoe

This past Summer, I spent a month house sitting for a friend of mine in California. Since I was going to be staying for so long, I decided to drive my car and make a road trip out of the journey. My dad came with me, and we were able to visit some of California's most beautiful parks along our way.

First up on our road trip was Lake Tahoe. This gorgeous park is centered around the 72 mile radius of the lake itself, with picturesque bike paths, cabins, and small towns along the way. We took our time, stopping to put our feet in the water, chat with the locals, admire the vintage boats, and eat our lunch along the shore.

The water at Lake Tahoe is crystal clear, with perfectly polished pebbles, lining the lake floor, that massage your feet as you walk. The mountains surround the entire lake, with snowcapped peaks, creating a fairy tale image. My favorite part was when we stopped at Emerald Bay and the Vikingsholm trailhead. This lookout is breathtaking with plenty of perfect picture spots for all. The only issue with making this stop during peak season was the parking. But the view was well worth the trouble!

By the way, if you're ever in the Lake Tahoe, California area and need a place to stay, I highly recommend staying at Chelsea's Airbnb, The Gilded Drifter! It was so comfortable and beautiful - I could have stayed for weeks!