Eco Friendly Gift Guide

This post is sponsored - While each product was a gift, I was not asked to create this post. All opinions are my own.

When shopping for myself or others, I always try to work with smaller companies who have a mission behind their business. I love a company that can tell me why they do what they do (giving back, fulfilling a dream, etc.), and love them even more when they can do it in a way that reduces the amount of waste on our planet. 

Below I have listed three of my favorite companies who create their products consciously and intentionally. Each of these would make an amazing gift, while also reducing the impact this season has on our home!

Pela the Eco-Friendly Phone Case -

When looking for a new phone cover a few months back, I stubmled upon Pela. This company blew me away with their biodegradable phone cases, which are made from plants, and mission to reduce our dependancy on oil-based plastics! The cases are not only simple and stylish, but also very protective and sturdy. I have two (white and green) that I have been using for a few months now, and I can tell you that I will never buy another case, again. Pela creates less waste, one case at a time.

Right now when you buy one Pela case, you get the second one half-off!

Good Medicine Beauty Lab -

My absolute, all-time favorite skincare company is GMBL. They are located in Southern Utah and create their products in small batches to avoid waste and ensure that each product has the perfect amount of each ingredient. Their botanicals are harvested locally and respectfully, making sure they leave no trace, and then packaged in glass jars rather than plastic. Plus, they never test on animals and are a third generation family company!

My personal favorite - the Clarity Awakening Face Cream

Take 40% off their entire site until December 12th, 2017 with the code "JOYFUL"!

Captiv Co Lens Caps -

I used to hate my lens cap, it would never stay on, and more than once I had to chase it down the street as it rolled away. Captiv Co has totally changed the lens cap game, for me! Their caps are made to screw on, rather than clip in, which ensures they don't go anywhere when you don't want them to. But, the best part is that they're made here in the USA from reclaimed hardwoods, and for every cap they sell, they donate $2 towards a student's education in Kosovo!

Bonus - they always offer free shipping and have the cutest gift cards that never expire!

I would love to know which of these companies stands out the most to you, and if you plan to shop with any of them! I have used these products for a long time and can tell you that they are 100% worth supporting. Each of these companies tells an amazing story, while providing a product that will change the way you look at consuming.