Dressing For Winter Weather With Cougar

This post is sponsored by Cougar Shoes, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

In the Winter, my aim when getting dressed is purely based on comfort. As long as I can stay warm and feel comfortable, then I’m good. Often that can mean not looking so hot, with mismatched layers thrown on in a hurry. So, lately, I’ve tried to make more of an effort to create winter looks I can feel and look great in!

These new boots from Cougar have been my go-to. They are insanely comfortable, retro-inspired, have just a hint of red in the lining, and really kick up my winter outfit game! They’re also a part of their “Always Waterproof” line, which is perfect for this stormy and snowy Utah weather.

Cougar has been creating shoes that are built to last, for the past 65 years. Their styles stay true to their origin while also keeping up with modern trends; but the quality has never faded. Cougar is a family company, based in Canada, so you can know that you’re supporting a great team, every time you wear your Cougar shoes!

Boots - c/o Cougar // Hat - Stylish Treasures // Turtleneck - ASOS // Sweater - Olive Clothing // Leggings - Eddie Bauer // Mittens - Picked up in Norway // Bag - Madewell