MONA and Mount Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania

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We woke up, on our first day in Hobart, feeling ready to go! We had MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) as the first stop on our agenda, and were definitely excited to visit. It was the one place in Hobart that everyone recommended as a must-do.

We were there on a weekday morning, and yet it was still packed with visitors. The museum is huge, and it’s practically impossible to see every display in one day, but we did our best to see as much as we could. My favorite displays were any of the ones that involved light; especially the Edison Bulbs! As interesting and fun as MONA was, we quickly ran out of steam (We were all exhausted at this point of the trip.) and decided it was time for lunch and an afternoon nap.

Once rested, we grabbed some dinner at the grocery store and drove up to the top of Mt Wellington for a picnic. We were hoping to enjoy a nice dinner as we watched the sunset over the city, below; however, the weather had other plans. Mt Wellington is often covered in clouds, and this day was no exception. But, as much as I love a beautiful sunset, I also love fog! So really, it was all good, in my book. We played outside as long as we could stand, then warmed up in the observatory while we ate our dinner.