Messy 3-Way Curls with ghd

This post is sponsored by ghd, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Since I studied and often work in the beauty world, I am frequently exposed to the latest and greatest styling tools. While there are a lot of different stylers and brands to choose from, I am, and will always be, a devoted ghd user. Their styling tools are superior, in every way, to any others I have ever owned or tried. For many years, now, I have been the happy owner of one of their straighteners as well as a hair dryer, and am so excited to add the new ghd CURVE® CREATIVE CURL WAND to my collection!

This new ghd CURVE® CREATIVE CURL WAND is pretty amazing! It takes about five seconds (not an exaggeration) to heat up, and has the cutest chime to let you know when it’s ready. It has a built in safety stand to keep the hot iron from resting against your work surface, a protective cool tip so you can hold the hair in place while you curl without getting burned, and an automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes without use! It even has universal voltage, so you can use your wand anywhere in the world, which is great news for a traveler, like myself!

This specific curling wand has a unique, tapered shape. The end closest to the handle is wider, and it narrows as it moves down towards the tip. It’s also not completely round, but more of an oval shape. I was curious as to how I would like the unique design, and honestly… I love it! With my old curling wand, I really had to work hard to get that nice, beach wave rather than a perfectly rounded curl. But with the ghd CURVE® CREATIVE CURL WAND, it’s just wrap and go!

To show you how awesome and versatile this styling tool is, I wanted to create a sort of mixed-curl look, using three different types of curls, including—ringlets, beach waves, and a combo of the two! Check out my pictures, below, to see how I created this messy, beachy, rocker, carefree curl look…

I hope you found some hair inspiration in this post! Be sure to check out ghd and all of their styling tools! I’m obsessed with them and know you’ll love them, too.

For reference, here are the links to all three ghd products I own: