Visiting Narooma, Australia // Horse Head, Camel, and Australia Rock

One of the places at the top of my Australia to-do list was Narooma. I had found a few photos on Instagram, prior to arriving in the country, and was anxious to visit. So, a couple weeks before I returned home, my family and I decided to make the trip.

We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb, located just a short walk from the seaside, where we spent a lot of our time. It wasn’t quite swimming weather, anymore, but we still made the most of our beach by exploring the cliffs and rocky areas and hunting for seashells. Of course, the highlights of this trip were three iconic rocks - Australia Rock (which looks like the outline of the Australia continent), Camel Rock, and Horse Head Rock.

We awoke before sunrise to make sure we caught Australia Rock at just the right time. It was early, but worth it! We spent all of sunrise here, taking photos, watching the seals play (or fight), and exploring the rocky shoreline. Then we stopped for breakfast in town, where the restaurant served ice cream as a side dish with the kids’ waffles… (I’m still not over that!) After breakfast, we drove down towards Camel and Horse Head rocks, but became sidetracked in the cutest, little town of Tilba Tilba. We spent our afternoon exploring the shops, buying expensive American candy, and of course… eating more ice cream.

A little before sunset we made it to the beach where Camel Rock is located. This also happens to be the starting point for the trek to Horse Head Rock. After taking in Camel Rock for a bit, we began our journey towards Horse Head…

This trek ended up being a bit more difficult than we had planned, as it requires climbing over rough rocks and through tide pools, that follow the shore, the entire way. My poor nieces had left their shoes back at Camel Rock, thinking it was better to go barefoot, only to quickly learn that was not the case. So, if you asked me if it was worth it, I’d say yes. But, if you were to ask my nieces, they would probably say no…

*$20 Airbnb Credit towards your next trip -

Overall, this was one of my favorite little getaways I had in Australia. The weather was beautiful, and a warm break from the cold of Canberra, the rocks were beautiful and aptly named, and best of all, I had one last adventure with my favorite family.