Salem, Massachusetts // New England Pt. 1

Visiting Salem, Massachusetts had always been on my bucket list. I didn’t have any plans to visit, until recently, and couldn’t help but feel giddy once I knew I was going. I only had a few, short hours to spend, wandering these historic streets, but it was plenty of time to take in the sights.

It was a gloomy October evening, which set the perfect scene. The streets were filled with people, but it wasn’t overly crowded, since it was a Monday evening. I met street performers and saw places I’d only ever seen in movies or read about online or in books, I wandered through shops, took too many pictures, and thoroughly enjoyed my time here!

Below I’ve listed everything I saw + the address. Aside from the “Dennison Home”, I was able to see everything on foot. Hopefully it will help you on your visit!

While Salem wasn’t actually the first stop on my trip to New England, I wanted to get this post up as close to Halloween as I could. Between travel and jet lag, this is the best I could do... But I hope you will still enjoy it as much as I did!