Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Heritage Store Rosewater

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Heritage Store.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I didn’t understand how to take care of my skin. I washed and moisturized, but I didn’t understand or even know what was in my products, and what, exactly, my skin needed. After becoming a Master Aesthetician, I felt much more knowledgeable and aware of what to do and buy. However, I was still on my own, personal, skincare journey, and figuring out what was best for me.

After researching and trial and error, I found that my sensitive skin loves natural products (in makeup and skincare)! The acne I battled in my younger years went away, my complexion evened out, and I felt confident going out with a bare face. Years later, this is still true, and whenever I test out non-natural products, my skin fires back in an acneic protest!

I plan to do a full, natural skincare and makeup rundown, at some point. But, for today, I’d like to share one of my newest skincare additions, that I am loving—the Heritage Store Rosewater. These beautiful products are made with effective and timeless ingredients, that are an important part of any fuss-free beauty routine. (Also great for an on-the-go lifestyle, as they can be used anytime and anywhere!) Heritage Store Rosewater is a clean product that is all-natural and cruelty-free, and made with just two ingredients—Rose Hydroessential Oil and Water.

Using rose in your skincare is beneficial because of its hydrating and soothing properties, making it especially beneficial to those with sensitive skin. I love to use the Heritage Store Rosewater Facial Toner at night, after I have cleansed my face and applied my eye cream, and before my moisturizer. It helps soothe the skin, especially if I have exfoliated, and adds in a bit more moisture, which everyone’s skin needs! It also helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, removes debris and residue, and refines and refreshes for a healthy glow!

The Heritage Store Rosewater Ritual spray is definitely going to be a favorite of mine, because of its many uses. It can be used as a perfume or body splash, a makeup setting spray, added to wet hair or bath water, and it can be stored in the fridge for a chilled and refreshing moisture boost, throughout the day, or you can even spritz it onto your hair for added shine or at the root to moisturize a dry scalp.

My skin is one of the things I get the most comments about, and I know that it is due to me using products like the Hertiage Store Rosewater Ritual spray and facial toner; products that my skin craves and loves, that aren't harmful or harsh, that replenish and repair.

If you’re looking to step-up your skincare game, with more natural beauty products, you can locate Heritage Store Rosewater at natural health food stores (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Lucky’s, Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocers, local co-ops), as well as Target, Ulta and Urban Outfitters!