St George, Utah Travel Guide

This post has been a longtime coming, but it’s finally here! I’ve been working on this list for at least a year, and always send my note to friends who are planning trips. Now, this blog post will be an easy access version that you can save, pin, and use for the future. Enjoy!

St George, Utah, is one of my favorite places to get away. It’s only located about 4 hours South of Salt Lake City, and 2 hours East of Las Vegas. Nestled in the heart of red rock country, St George offers plenty to see, eat, and do! I spent a year living there and visit as often as I can, so I like to consider myself a bit of an expert on the area. (Although some locals may beg to differ.)

First up are my favorite things to do, in and around St George, Utah! Some of my favorite state and national parks are located here, and there really is something for everyone. Whether you just want to lounge by the pool or hit the trails.

One of my favorite reasons for visiting St George is definitely the food! It may not be a culinary hot spot, but it has some restaurants I always look forward to hitting up. From homemade breadsticks to one of the best burgers I’ve ever had!

St George, Utah is no fashion capitol, but what it does offer is plenty of antique and vintage shopping! I’ve only listed a few of my favorites spots, but there are plenty more to choose from!

Last, but not least, I have a few other items that didn’t make my main lists, but are things I love and will always recommend! So definitely keep these on your radar.

What would you add to my list, that I may have missed? Or what are some of your favorite spots in/around St George, Utah?