Grown Up 1990's Butterfly Clip Hair Tutorial with göt2b® Products

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If you grew up in the 90’s and early 00’s, then I’m sure you had a drawer filled with butterfly clips, velcro rhinestones, and other hair accessories that you wore on the daily. If you’re like me, then you probably did your hair like the pop culture icons with göt2b® hair gel products at your side. You also probably find yourself missing those days and wishing there was a way you could still rock those looks. Well, friend, you can! The 90’s and 00’s are back in a big way right now. While you might not see me wearing the exact same looks I did then, you’ll definitely find me wearing them in a more modern and mature way. Because, hey, I am in my 30’s, now.

Today, I wanted to share my grown-up version of the butterfly clip look. It definitely speaks to the pieced out, spiky styles of yesterday, while still embracing the whimsical and more tousled looks of today. göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel, from Walmart, is a key component in this look, so make sure you’ve got some on hand! This product has the strongest gel hold ever, with a non-stick formula, that doesn’t flake, and will let you take your hair to new heights!

First, you’ll need the göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel, a small hair tie, and your butterfly clips. I got mine from one of my favorite online crafters! They’re delicate and gold plated, so they really give it that grown-up vibe.

To begin, you will take a 1”-2” section of hair from the front, and split it into two sections. Apply a thin layer of göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel down the strands, and twist them in the same direction. (Twist both right or both left.)

Next, twist the strands together, but wrap them the opposite way you originally twisted them. So if you twisted both, individual strands to the left, then wrap them around each other, to the right. Apply a bit of göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel at the ends, to keep them from untwisting. Then repeat these steps on the other side.

Once you have your twists on either side of your face, grab another 1”-2” section, behind the first section, and twist them together. Repeat on the other side. Do not twist this strands before adding it to the first section. Leaving it straight will add texture to the look!

Once you have the twists on either side of your hair, with the added section, bring the two strands to the back of your head and secure with a small elastic. I like to use one that is similar to my hair color. Then, loop the ponytail through itself to give it one last twist.

Add your butterfly clips to the top of your twisted strands so they look like they’ve just landed in your hair. Then, take small sections of hair, apply a thin layer of göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel, and create small braids. I did about six of these, around my head. Seal the braid in place with a bit of göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel, so you don’t have to finish them off with an elastic.

That’s it! You’ll be looking 00’s fab with a modern and sophisticated twist!

I hope you loved this look and found some inspiration for your next hairdo! Let me know if you give it a try, and be sure to grab the göt2b® ultra glued® Invincible Styling Gel or the göt2b® glued® Styling Spiking Hair Glue from Walmart!