Utah's National Parks—Bryce Canyon

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The fourth stop on mine and Rachel’s National Park Road Trip was Bryce Canyon. This was another park I had never been to, before, and I was excited to do some exploring! We began by driving to the end of the park, which is Rainbow Point, for a nice view. However, the weather did not cooperate, which meant we were looking at a view of the clouds rather than the landscape, below. So, we began making our way back down the road, stopping at various spots along the way.

Bryce canyon is such a beautiful, and unique place, and both Rachel and I loved checking it off our lists! We explored some of the Rim Trail, which overlooks the Amphitheater, but had to skip out on some of the bigger hikes, since most trails were completely covered with snow and/or mud, already. But overall, it was still a wonderful experience!

BONUS: A couple months later, while in Australia, I found a puzzle of Bryce Canyon in a book shop. I decided to purchase it as a white elephant gift for my family’s Christmas Eve celebrations, and figured we could all work on it together, over the break. While checking out at the shop, the cashier expressed how amazed he was that a place like that could exist. When he asked where I was from (since I had an accent), I told him I live near the location on the puzzle, and had just visited. It made me feel really grateful to live where I do, and be surrounded by such beauty.