My White Summer Wardrobe

My style, this Summer, has been all about “white”. I couldn’t get enough and rarely wanted to wear a different color. It felt light and fresh, for these high temps, while also being feminine and soft. I know as soon as the colder weather sets in, I’ll be back in my signature black, but I will really miss everything about Summer and my warm weather wardrobe.

This dress has been a really fun piece, to add to my Sunday looks. I’ve been trying to wear it as often as I can, before Labor Day. I don’t really follow that old rule, that you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but this dress definitely feels like it belongs in Spring and Summer, and would feel out of place, come Autumn. So I’m wearing it one last time, and wanted to share, before it was too late.

dress - Roolee // shoes - Nordstrom

What do you think? Is bright white ok after Labor Day?