Exploring Bruny Island, Tasmania

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Before heading to the mountains of Tasmania, we drove to one of the southern most points in Australia—Bruny Island. The trip to Bruny Island requires a 20 minute ferry ride from the Tasmania mainland, and once you’re there, there’s plenty to do! We decided to drive all the way to the southern end to check out the lighthouse, but first we had to stop and explore the neck of the island.

The neck is the narrow stretch of land that connects the northern part of the island to the southern. There is a nice boardwalk that connects to the beach, as well as a lookout. The views were stunning, with ocean on both sides and green hills in the middle. We spent a good while looking at sea shells and watching the waves, before continuing on our way.

Our next stop was Cape Bruny Lighthouse. It’s a beautiful, white lighthouse that overlooks the Southern Ocean. From the lighthouse, we took a small path down to the cliff’s edge where we were really able to soak in the views. We took turns taking photos, leaned into the wind which blew hard enough to (almost) hold us up, but then decided it was time to make our way back up, once my sister was bit by a Jack Jumper Ant… (She’s ok!)

We had a somewhat long drive ahead of us, to get to our next Airbnb. So after taking some family photos in front of the lighthouse, we drove across the island, boarded the ferry, crossed the bay, and drove into the mountains of Southwest National Park.