Visiting Eaglehawk Neck and the Orford Walking Track in Tasmania

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Our third day in Tasmania was supposed to include a hike around Wineglass Bay. But once we got there, we learned that all hiking trails were closed, due to fire danger. So we packed up the car, again, and drove onto what we hoped would be an equally beautiful walk.

We ended up taking the Oford Coast Track, which is a 2 km track that connects a few beaches together, and offers beautiful ocean views. About halfway down our walk, we decided to take a side trail that led to the edge of the cliff, then instead of turning back, we stupidly decided to scale a sandstone wall (all 7 of us), that was sure to crumble, at any moment. Luckily, we all made it safely to the top and were able to find the track, once again.

Later that day, we were able to explore Eaglehawk Neck and a few of the natural highlights it offers. First we visited the Tessellated Pavement, then the Tasman Arch, Devil’s Kitchen, and the Tasman Blowhole. There were a couple other sites I wish we could have seen, such as the Remarkable Cave, but we were tired and simply forgot… However, on our way back to our Airbnb, we were greeted with a spectacular sunset, just as we drove over the narrow stretch of land connecting this iconic corner of Tasmania.